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Shreerg Infra is a name in Trenchless Technology catering to the customized need of the Indian Construction and EPS Companies for their large projects of Sewerage,  Drinking Water Pipeline and the like. The organization has derived its name from this particular aspect of Trenchless Technology making tunnels for RCC/ MS Pipe Pushing, RCC Box Jacking without open excavation of Road, Railway Crossings so as to avoid disruption of over ground traffic and environmental balance by helping preserve the greenery in the process with its quality engineering services. Read more


The method of trenchless applications have achieved a very high level of technology due to the constant development of machine and method technology and this has made possible the execution of practically all type of supply and disposal lines independent of their sizes or the geological conditions in an ecologically friendly underground construction. Read more


Trenchless technology is a branch of construction engineering dealing with techniques and related equipment used to develop, maintain and renew subsurface utility networks without excavating continuous trenches. Trenchless technology, as the name implies is a technique to construct tunnel by laying MS or RCC precast circular or rectangular sections through the underground soil mass without digging continuous trenches. Read more

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